Welcome to the unveiling of this Column: SECURITY SURVEILANCE.

It is designed to emplace and engender robust engagement that unites the government and the governed, the leader and the led, the high, the mighty and the low. Indeed, the concerns of all and sundry irrespective of race, religion, sex and sect all over the world is the Defence and Security Sector. It is unarguably and notably the first line charge of governments globally.

The birth of this page is a new dawn in the annals of Print Media Security Network Space which represents a fascinating, scintillating and titillating beginning in Combat Journalism Imperative of National Concerns. The firing of the first salvo in this column triggers the debut of a newly inducted ‘’ STAR’’ into the families of stars in the sky from the table and stable of a must read ‘’NEW NATIONAL STAR tabloid.

This Column promises to provide a penetrating, punchy, participatory and piercing perspective in our unrelenting quest to dig deep, diagnose, dissect and discuss Contemporary National Security matters in accordance with the dictates of professionalism and patriotism

This Column promises to provide a penetrating, punchy, participatory and piercing perspective in our unrelenting quest to dig deep, diagnose, dissect and discuss Contemporary National Security matters in accordance with the dictates of professionalism and patriotism. Am not oblivion of the obviously saturated and regulated Traditional Media Space and top heavy unregulated Social Media Space with their milieu of menus in the Security Sector being dished out, not withstanding we are set to set a new record of radical departure to fill the gap analysis and change the narrative in the dynamic journalism practice.

Beyond the pedestrian tea party Column masquerading as defence and security pot Pori hot cake platform, the reading public now have credible alternative in SecuritySurveillance Column. I intend to fly high the kite of National Security Imperative Operative, Cooperative and Collaborative efforts of the Armed Forces to mitigate current challenges in the sector.

We shall adopt indebt interrogation, explanation and interpretation of the Nation’s Security Policythrust to break the yoke of armchair and pedestrian outlook in other pseudo columns. Of course the column will mainstream strategic and synergetic Local and International Armed Forces Engagements alongside Para-military endeavours targeted at quenching the flame ignited by the Non state actors to fester terrorism, insurgency, militancy, militia lawlessness and rising cases of kidnapping, ravaging and rampaging the nation’s territorial landscape.

My Area of responsibility (AOR) as your guest Columnist for a rising New National Star Newspapers is situated within the compass of unwavering service to the nation through conscientising our readers. In the same vein, the high breeding husbandry and midwifing our collective resolves to engender positive attitude to national defence is germane and genuine at this critical moment in our national life since security is for everybody and everybody’s business which should not be left solely in the hands of security operatives.

As a seasoned Defence Correspondent of NTA fame, embedded with the tri-services operations at home and abroad I will deploy and employ my well nurtured experience, exposure and expertise to raise the bar of National Security Service through this platform. More importantly, in keeping with the desire of my Publisher who is passionate about promoting safe and secured Nigeria among comity of nations my column will re-invent, re-enact and re-construct seemingly fading nationalistic ethos and ethics of reporting, information dissemination, strategic communication mechanism and management by changing the narrative for posterity and prosperity of our dear nation.

Prospective readers are therefore urged to remain steady fast with this column to tap from the fountain of a fresh, focused, firm, and fair posture in telling Nigeria’s story for Nigerians by Nigerians and byextension African Sub-Region Security Architecture. Again my wide and varied well spiced knowledge gained and garnered from Combat Environment up to Sambisa forest ditto the entire North East theatre of combat and the gamut of trainings received in virtually all the Military Institutions in Nigeria and abroad will propel service delivery in my arduous task on this column. Such trainings took me to Nigerian Defence Academy, [NDA], National Defence College[NDC], Nigeria Army Peacekeeping Centre[NAPKC] Jaji, and Defence Intelligence Agency [DIA], Also my Participation in the Nationally and Internationally organized Security and Defence Seminars and War Conferences in Greece and Germany will be a morale booster and have corresponding force multiplier impact for me in the discharge of my assigned duty in this column.

Again my parade of intimidating Records of Service as a retired ASSISTANT DIRECTOR NEWS and as a cerebrally celebrated Nigerian Television Authority [NTA] Defence Correspondent have no doubt conferred on me appreciable mileage of practical operational know-how of the workings in the Military. Little wonder your Columnist bagged the Chief of Army Staff Gallantry Award and received a Medal by the Chief of Army Staff of Colombia in faraway Bogota alongside my being elected in Germany as Leader African Defence and security journalists Association courtesy of my unsolicited sponsorship to Germany to participate in Regional Security Clinic will make tremendous impact in my handling of this column. All these put together have widen my horizon to know that the power of any nation’s Armed forces is Ipso-Facto the equivalent of the power of the State.

This proven undisputable reality makes it imperative in this column to jealously guide the national security interest no matter whose horse is gored. Our unrepentant patriotic zeal which is as deep as the Ocean and solidly standing as Zuma rock are enough assurances to our prospective readers that we will not torpedo nor rock the smooth sailing boat of the nation. As respecter and promoter of national decorum, decency, diplomacy and Rule of Law, we shall vehemently shun the No-go –Areas considered to be highly inflammable, volatile and sensitive to the promotion of peace and peaceful co-existence in security matters that are capable of undermining, underestimating and carpeting national cohesion in the treatment of internal securityoperations by the military and para military forces.

This is because the Country can only thrive in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. In changing the narratives in the media, we shall smartly and strategically operate within the ambit of the permissibility, and respectability of the Armed Forces Act, extant laws and operational journalistic laws. Watch out for our breath breaking news, news behind the news and crack investigative reporting of hyper serious hard nuts stories devoid of sensationalism yellow or hollow journalism and ground standing of any kind. Join me in this challenging task as we intend to advance with the Land Forces (Army) in this column to decimate, degrade, disgrace and defeat the criminal elements in their camps and corridors anywhere in Nigeria. Do stay and sail with us onboard the platforms of the Nigerian Navy Warship to elucidate and educate readers on War against Piracy on our territorial Waters and by extension the Gulf of Guinea[GOG]. Again, like colossus bestriding the air space with the Nigerian Air Force, we shall be highlighting their powers of bombardments as I did eloquentlys well as erstwhile NTA Defence Correspondent. To borrow the motto of the Nigerian Army in the face of the current media hype over, the security of the nation we believed that ‘’VICTORY’’ comes from God’’ just as we buy into the motto of the Nigerian Navy of ‘’Onward Together’’. In this herculean task of deepening national security. We therefore beacon to patriotic Nigerians and our esteemed readers for ceaseless patronage and to take full ownership of this column as your baby to achieve our commitment tied to the motto of the Nigerian Airforce of willing, Able Ready to serve you better. This Column in the National Star Will Star in Staring high profile interviews using its drag net to catch big fish in the Armed forces, Paramilitary, Legislature, Security Experts, Analyst and track the Indigenous Military Technological breakthrough. Our highly esteemed readers you will agree with me that it is not going to be business as usual in this column going by the parade of MISSION FORCAST. As your guest columnist I am set to fire from all Cylinders, Smoking in an apparel, apparent and parallel multiple Pen Riffles on Rapid Firing mode to deliver on our mandate inthis Column. My oscillating professionalised journalistic private practice between tripartite, inseparable and intertwined Electronic Broadcast T.V Journalism and Print Media to Multimedia are marriage of convenience. we shall with your support Navigate and Manoeuvre all sensitive curvesand bends p in many ways comparable to charging through artificial and natural barriers to get to ourplanned destination in war scenario without falling and failing. If I may ask you, are we Good – to- Go on this Platform with you on same page with us? Do you share our mission forecast and vision for this Column? Do we have your unwavering assurances that we Shall be walking – the- Talk with you? If your answers are in affirmation then we shall together dominate the territorial media Ground, Sea and Air. At this point the reverberating victorious songs of our gallant troops in high morale in battles sang where I also lent a voice in Baga, Bama, Monguno, Michika and many other locations – NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER, therefore in our collective resolves to update, upscale and up our game in doing what we know how to do best; JOURNALISM we will always come your way by bringing latest unfolding scenario in the defence sector. On a final note come along with us in this to key and buy into a tested and trusted medium in which vibrancy, tenacity, integrity, reality accuracy, adequacy, clarity and cogency are our watchwords. Also in our unwavering commitment to serving you much better from the high pedestal of merit and not mediocrity courage and not cowardice, fact and not fallacy, we shall make balance, truth, standard and best global practice our abiding mien, manner and philosophical standpoint in our highly priced column. We shall not be deterred, discourage and distracted by the deafening Media-Market noise because our unstoppable fast moving train of this Column roars like a Lion journeying to accomplishable and doable destination mission to keep you abreast of the Next Level Mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari Led Administration in the defence of the defenceless the vulnerable, the soft target, the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs and the weak among the down trodden masses of this country. So helps us God.


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